white printing

Introducing white ink printing. The use of white print has significant technical and creative potential, but in order:

In traditional printing, white is not treated as a colour, and white areas are simply not printed. Until recently, the only way to achieve white elements was to resort to a little trick and print everything in colour, leaving the white elements unprinted. However, this solution has many disadvantages: firstly, if we use a white substrate, when printing the background, we have to take care of the analogous printing on the other side. Secondly, anyone who wants to keep small elements sharp when printing in reverse knows how technically challenging this is. Third: we do not always use white substrates.

White printing. White colour printing. White ink printing.

Printing with white ink gives you completely new possibilities.

Firstly, we give you maximum quality and sharpness of even small elements, regardless of the colour of the substrate. A wide range of materials that can be used in UV printing with white colour further expands the range of printing applications. Secondly, selective white underprint when printing on non-white materials (e.g. wood, ecological papers and cardboards) allows you to maintain the fidelity of the given colours. Thirdly: white underprint allows local elimination of colour transparency on transparent materials. Unique labels and stickers on transparent film. Fourthly: exceptionally decorative effect possible in printing only in white colour. Direct white printing on acrylic, glass, wood, ceramics and many other non-white materials.

White printing. White colour printing. White ink printing.

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