wooden signboards

Wooden signboard: the screen is milled boatbuilding plywood with oak veneer, stained dark brown. Due to the dark colour of the clinker on the facade, for contrast, a layer of acrylic dyed beige was introduced. Glow: outer edges in the facade, centre by reflected light, through acrylic. Installation.

Wooden signs Poland are a perfect combination of traditional materials and modern technologies. They are valued for their aesthetics, uniqueness, durability and the possibility of personalization. Compared to signs made of plastics, wooden signs are more ecological and have a natural look. If you are looking for an elegant and durable signboard for your business, a wooden signboard is the perfect choice.

Wooden advertising signs are universal and will prove themselves in many industries. Wooden signboards are ideal for outdoor use, e.g. at the entrances to shops, restaurants or hotels. They can be protected with varnish, and unprotected they will age in style. Their natural appearance and the warmth they emanate attract the attention of customers and build a positive image of the company.

Wooden signboards are also an excellent choice for the hotel industry, in particular for hotels with character and atmosphere. Wooden signboards and signage are suitable for rustic interiors, but also for more modern and minimalist rooms, where they are a unique decoration.

Wood milling. Wood signboards. Wooden signboards are a return to tradition. It means the use of natural material. Finally, it is a new way of looking at the company – for example, the quality and timelessness of its offer.

szyldy z drewna szyldy drewnian / wood signs wooden signboards / Holzschilder
szyldy z drewna szyldy drewnian / wood signs wooden signboards / Holzschilder
szyld z drewna szyldy z drewna szyldy drewniane frezowanie drewna / wooden signboards wood milling / Holzschilder Holzfräsen