UV printing on milled PVC plates

Printing on PVC Poland. Promotional graphics for the interior of a grocery shop chain: UV printing on PVC plates milled to the shape of a pennant.

UV printing on PVC is fast and precise. During printing, special polymer inks are used, which, in contact with UV rays, fix themselves to form a thin but durable colour coating. Thanks to this, you can be sure that the ordered plate with the printout will be durable. The prints made using the UV method are resistant to unfavourable conditions and temperature changes.

The UV printing method faithfully reproduces the image and ensures high colour quality. The colours are permanent, bright and do not fade at all. UV printing allows You to apply the print on virtually any surface. We can easily print entire boards with a width of 2.05 m and practically any length.





UV printing on PVC. Printing on PVC Poland.

Foamed PVC is one of the materials that has been used in many areas. The possibility of double-sided UV printing on PVC Poland further increases the scope of its potential application. Printing on PVC Poland is widely used in the advertising industry, e.g. in the production of POS materials: pennants, displays, stands, etc., but also as a substrate for printing or sticking signs, pictures, decorations for shop windows, information boards or spatial structures. Boards made of foamed PVC are also a good solution for the construction of exhibition stands at fairs.

Until recently, you had to print on self-adhesive film, and then stick this film on plates. Currently, thanks to the possibility of printing on rigid substrates, this stage can most often be omitted. Cost and time savings are obvious, which is of utmost importance in advertising. Elements made of printed PVC are insensitive to UV rays and mechanically resistant. They are also easy to machine, thanks to which, for example, CNC milling for complex shapes is not a problem.

Elements made of printed PVC are insensitive to UV rays, mechanically resistant and easy to clean. They are also easy to machine, so that e.g. CNC milling into complex shapes is not a problem at all. Printing PVC Poland.


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