printing on wood

UV print on a carefully selected, knot-free hardwood plywood. Selective white printing. Contour CNC milling. Printing on wood. Printing on plywood. Printing with white underprint.




Printing on wood Poland. Printing on plywood Poland.

Selective white underprint helps avoid colour changes when printing on a non-white surface. A problem that does not actually exist in printing on paper and other white substrates, manifests itself, e.g. in printing on wood, whose beige dyeing changes the shade of the printed colour. White print is also an opportunity to get white elements, independent of other colours in the graphic. Colours in UV printing can be applied multiple times, depending on the planned effect. We can help in preparing files for printing.

UV printing on wood and contour milling are an interesting combination. The combined use of these technologies can make the visual effect unique.